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715 N. UNIVERSITY, ANN ARBOR 734.274.9142


NOW Studios is an underground, 501(c)3 non-profit political playhouse, venue, multi-modal production company, immersive gallery, dojo temple, hub for civic & community engagement, and creative social lab in downtown Ann Arbor, full of dynamic, entrepreneurial spirits, creative disruptors, and thought leaders from marginalized communities who are making waves in the local community and beyond.

Every other Thursday: Indigo Dreams

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Huge, gigantic, fuzzy-wuzzy thanks to CultureVerse for making this possible!

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Ann Arbor just received $24 million in American Rescue Plan Act Funds!

If you wanna see some of that money go towards creative, therapeutic, arts-based community programs, then please sign the petition to ask Ann Arbor City Council to consider arts proposals.

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