december 14th @ michigan theater

a storybook cabaret

Join us for a mixed-media collaborative evening of visual artists, live painters, contemporary, classical & jazz musicians, musical theater, drag art, dance, spoken word & poetry, meditation, comedy, DJ sets, and other magical moments expressing the power of creativity to foster healing, connection, and celebration!

a holiday benefit show

The holidays are a special time of year where we come together in gratitude, community, and celebration. They’re also a time of loneliness and trauma.

YES GALA is a reclaiming of the joy of this season from unfettered consumerism. How can we use art and creativity to create a more love-centric world?

The evening is also a fundraiser for our foundation! Both for our 2023 operating budget and our mission to get a permanent space for NOW studios. We’ll also spotlight several local organizations doing great work in mental health, suicide prevention, houselessness, and equitability, including:

a proper gala extravaganza !

This is your chance to come in your most fabulous forms! While there is no dress code, feel free to live your fantasy. There will be a red carpet!

Expect surprises!

The pre-show reception in the grand foyer is a chance to meet the cast and network with local organizations and creatives over an open bar of delicious vegan food, cocktails, music, art, and more.

Seize the golden thread of consciousness! Alive, humming, pulsing with interconnection as we make ourselves vulnerable to the breath of life

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