contribute to creative evo-love-ution

—epicenter for existential performance art & nonviolent revolution
—an immersive, multi-modal gallery with over 300 original works
—a wildly colorful, immersive event space
—working studio
—rehearsal studio
—recording studio
—yoga/flow/dance studio
—live-stream venue
—underground theatre and performance space
—temple for the universe
—online publication
—marginalized media and vigilante journalism; an alternative public forum
—incubator for ideas; for new political candidates & campaigns, nonprofits, and cultural initiatives centering around Universal Thriving
—home base for superheroes
—queer cafe for ever-sprouting bohemian intelligentsia
—a space to study, teach, explore, witness, create

drums & dreams guitars and schemes & ukulele electric keyboard digital pad instrument mics 12-channel mixer theatre sound projector 55" 4K TV/workstation art+craft supplies aerial silk massage tools dance floor wall of mirrors ballet barpodcast/vodcast studio library of books & resources flow toys: hula, juggling, poi gallery with 300 original paintings 1000-person zoom hosting costumes

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NOW studios
715 north university ave
ann arbor mi 48104

734 274 9142