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NYE express your mess Eleganza Extravaganza

category is: kikikookookaka, k?

december 31 @ 9pm EST

live-streaming from the just-grandly-opened NOW studios in DTA2

(tldr; NYE ZOOM in your living room. pandemic-proof decadence with all the queer trimmings.)

» tune in early to guarantee a spot. » join our meditative pre-game party reflective realness memorial moment starting at 8pm!

2020 ate us alive. Served up an endless string of heartache. Let’s mourn what’s been lost—friends, family, democracy, solid footing on reality itself... and dance ourselves into next year!

Yes, darling. It’s time to kick this year to the curb and welcome 2021 in right! Collectively set some intentions that lift each other towards the light. Let’s be each other’s reason to get fabulous and throw a party.

Dear Sweet Friends and Strangers alike—Come play! We’ll have drag queens and drama. skits and magic tricks and sing-a-long live music & karaoke. We’ll play games and tell stories and dance and reveal so many full-color surprises you’ll think you fell down the rabbit hole, playing with alice.

Let’s get swept up; be our own stimulus check; take a little ride on the magic carpet, get lost playing and creating and dancing and singing and celebrating together. Treat ourselves to a few decadent hours of sigil magik jubilee—

The evening is also a virtual open haus for our new space!

Let’s light the candle on possibility & turn lemons into a flamingo fountain spewing glittery bonbon lemonade! Get clear and vocal about what we want this year and this life to be and bring;—Breathe life into the Actionable Resolutions of our dreams! Claim It and Exclaim It!

Click the link to RSVP your spot!

In recap:

Come be a kid again;
Exquisite ethereal tissue rapture for ALL!

Say goodbye to shitty old 2020—
Welcome in a New Year of love and light and funny !

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