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New Book: Drag Queen in the White House

imagine waking mañana and a drag queen is president. what would america look like with wild injections of colorful yes? drag queen in the white house is a reimagining. a game. a queer piece of living theatre about what happens when we set fear down. why not? emancipated lands of yes, and await you —whole celestial realms outside the absurd world of no.

drain the anger. strain the disappointment. if not now, when? if not us, who?

this book is our love letter to the universe. gutter to the gods—bop around the schizopedia—socialist politics, drugs, god, addiction, depression, conscious liberation, restorative policy, fumbling poetry, coming of age, queer living, liberal democracy, ethics of perpetual empowerment, universal global commons, gambling, poker, patriarchy, bigotry, schizophrenia, mental health, post-commodified blueprints for utopia, travel journalism, stories, biography, community-meet-commodity economics; waking, woke, why?

we lose to find.