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  • Image of gerf


no way they don't bleed like me. them over there. come out you ghost and let me love you. who are you to hide away? come out you ghost. . . what am i? a ritzy flophouse! feeling in on things. getting the full whiff. why not? pop pop.

life comes, life goes. on & on.

our bodies hold the trauma. the stories of our ancestors. all the etchings of time marbleized into our dna. im just a string of pearls. i like feeling tall as a tree.

the tribal winds blow. stare them down you wilting puckish sunflower.

headed east looking for answers then west to double-back north on myself then flit south, up, in, & around—and here we are.

well, what did you find?

fireflies and violet sky.
the bite of goodbye.
the enchantment and anticipation of hello.

» 36” x 48” (41” x 53” with frame)
» frame can be custom painted

$49.00 - $2,108.00