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  • Image of now is a good time to bloom
  • Image of now is a good time to bloom

now is a good time to bloom

we came to earth to transcend it, liberating love to an untouchable place—wordless, without objection, but we've got a long way to go because we're still smelling the bloom.

sniff because there are flowers,
but you can't become them unless you unzip your spine and step out.

insanity is spending a lifetime attempting to pin the immortal process of infinity— lounge in the blossoming fruit of reality, but why become a noun on the shelf?

thou art that/
incarnations of beyond, fallen human star matter. this is it. heaven, utopia, hell, what have you. don't like it? get a better view. views happen on the inside.

we breathe in molecules of peace. we are not this planet we are riding on but we sure do affect the story. creation is war's kryptonite.

we're not buried, we're planted—and it's time to bloom.
16 X 20 Acrylic (Original SOLD, prints still available.)

$9.00 - $864.00