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Welcome to DreamSpace:

An extraordinary adventure where art meets activism, magic mingles with reality, and every day transforms into a unique journey.

The Tree Station: Your starting point, providing you with a map and instructions to navigate your way through seven transformative activations.

Activation 1: The Grounding Gathering: Rooted in the energy of the Root Chakra, it invites you to explore survival essentials, from basic needs to universal income and housing.

Activation 2: The Sensual Symphony: A space resonating with the Sacral Chakra, encouraging you to rethink education and contribute to a communal canvas.

Activation 3: The Power Puzzle: Reflect the Solar Plexus Chakra through button-making, mirror-gazing, and weaving personal hopes and dreams into a shared constellation.

Activation 4: The Harmonious Heartstrings: Tune in with the Heart Chakra to practice acceptance, express vulnerabilities, and strengthen the communal bond.

Activation 5: The Truthful Talk: Embody the Throat Chakra by expressing yourself through music and glamor, celebrating the joy of self-expression.

Activation 6: The Insightful Intuition: Reflect the Third Eye Chakra, encourage conversations on societal issues, and leave a lasting imprint in Community Notebooks.

Activation 7: The Conscious Community: A space reflecting the Crown Chakra, inviting you to envision and contribute to the changes you wish to see in the world.

Return to The Tree Station: Culminate your journey by tying your insights around the tree, appreciating the path taken, the connections formed, and the change initiated.

Join us at DreamSpace, a realm transcending reality, nudging us towards a collectively imagined utopia. Let's transform our world, one dream at a time.

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