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Director of Events & General Manager

The name of this game is event production and venue management for a creative, minority-focused studio in downtown Ann Arbor. Your mission is to bring people together and spark energy in the form of curated events and personalized rentals. You’ll co-create experiences that blend art, performance, music, science, culture, community, activism, and nightlife. You’ll nurture relationships with existing partners and solicit new collaboration.

If this is you, then you are creative, self-motivated, and oriented towards execution. You will curate the event schedule, nurture relationships, and host happenings/ hire hosts.

You are reliable, detail-oriented, collaborative yet independent, adaptable, and able to delegate and maximize resources. You’ll build collaborations across industries and materialize fantastical interactive experiences that engage and empower marginalized communities. You’ll stimulate collective conversations with a calendar of rich storytelling and sharply honest, necessary inter-group dialogue.

You are willing, open, ambitious, experienced, intuitive, compassionate, progressive, professional, yet silly & playful. You’ll develop a schedule of classes and talks that entice exploration and encourage personal growth and lifelong learning.

You are a natural leader, with the laser focus, empathy and courage required to meet the micro demands of a moment. You’ll lead a team to create safe spaces, manage conflicts with grace and a committment to resolution, and create a therapeutic atmosphere encouraging emotional growth and intellectual maturity.

You are interested in cultivating and managing relationships with creatives and local leaders. You’ll solicit sponsorships, brainstorm, fundraise, and maintain a strong brand identity in the region.

You are able to zoom out and read the collective vibes of a room; interested in tinkering and synergizing the disparate parts with a conductor’s grace.

Genius requires audacity. House of Yes in NYC is a trailblazer for curating fabulous safe space for the margins while maintaining a radically real conversation to expand the planet’s socio-political consciousness. Take a look at their hiring call for a similar position to give you a sense of the evolution of this role. This is a wildly tricky spot to fill and we appreciate you taking some moments to explore.

You’ll be the guardian and guide for the studio and all its happenings. If you are a burning furnace looking to stretch your limits, and this all gets your heart racing—then please apply using the link below!

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